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We use specialized methods to complete property maintenance programs to the highest expectations, and we focus on new technologies and techniques to complete our assignments rapidly and effectively. So, when you contract our residential remodeling firm, you should be assured that you will be satisfied with the outcomes and that your project will be finished on schedule.

Remodeling Services Columbia is one of the finest builders in Missouri to employ for interior and exterior remodeling. Contact us now to take advantage of our world-class offerings!

Kitchen Remodel Columbia

If you want to improve your home or commercial land, you can contact Kitchen Remodel Columbia. We are a Missouri land maintenance team who will see the work through to completion.

Columbia Kitchen Remodel is the local expert you can trust whether you have a vision that includes brick, marble, granite, porcelain, wood, or some other kind of material. Making decisions, particularly about your home, can be incredibly stressful.

We are here to help you finish and fix any project you have in mind. Tell us what you want, your vision, and we'll work with you to find ideas that work for you. We collaborate with customers to ensure that the remodel is completed on time.

Bathroom Remodel Columbia

The logistics of remodeling a bathroom may be daunting and there are too many things to consider. We alleviate the pressure of this operation by making direct communication and following a step-by-step procedure. We coordinate the work such that your bathroom remodel is completed on time and in a professional manner.

We have toilet remodeling plans for any dimension, no matter how small or big it is. We are completely trained, certified, and protected on all of our jobs. We are the best bathroom contractors in Missouri for a reason.

If your bathroom remodeling project calls for a swift surface update, a redesign, a huge repair, or a new master bathroom expansion, we have the craftspeople, builder relationships, and management prowess to execute your project smoothly. We also have remodeling inspiration if your bathroom remodeling project calls for a quick surface upgrade, a renovation, a major repair, or a new master bathroom extension.

Home Remodel Columbia

Since your pleasure is our highest concern, our engineers will manage every part of the project. We have the craftspeople, contractor partnerships, and management expertise to complete your project on time and on budget.

We specialize in high-end residential repairs, extensions, remodels, and upkeep. Tile, finish carpentry, framing, design, and consultancy are some of our specialties. Although having our corporate values in mind, we renovate anything from small bathrooms to massive renovations, expansions, and restorations.

Home Addition Columbia

Our remodeling experts already have years of practice, but there's almost no work they can't manage. If your particular room or service isn't mentioned, contact your nearest Home Addition Columbia to meet with a home improvement expert regarding your remodeling project.

We will consistently assist you in developing a scope of work and assembling all interior finishes, including cabinets, flooring, countertops, tile, paint, and so on before we have sketched.

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With our dedicated assistance and immense experience at your disposal, you can be confident of a stunning home renovation. We carefully consider your dreams and work with you to make them a fact. You will continue to depend on us to do what is best for your family and home. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Top Kitchen Remodeling Columbia

Kitchen Remodel Columbia

Kitchen Remodel Columbia will assist you in making the best of your kitchen remodeling dream. The appliances and decorations are all designed to blend in with the layout of the kitchen. Our remodeling company goes beyond and beyond to ensure that our clients are happy with their new custom-built kitchens. This is accomplished by integrating excellent customer service with high-quality materials and attention to detail that you will be able to showcase in your house. Contact the dependable and consistent contractors at Kitchen Remodel Columbia if you want to deal with highly skilled contractors who have a vast variety of expertise in the home improvement industry. We are well priced and pay close attention to even the smallest information. Our team is proud of the high quality of our work and our commitment to achieve exceptional results. We look forward to providing the majority of our customers with a memorable experience and guaranteeing your full happiness!

Designing Kitchen Floor

A kitchen has long served as the social hub of the modern household, hosting everything from family breakfasts to extravagant dinner parties. A kitchen floor plan with the best arrangement and design is incomparably superior to the others. Helpful advice and design ideas are given below to help you prepare the best room for your kitchen and lifestyle. Considered design elements are important in your timber frame kitchen because they help optimize room utilization, kitchen flexibility, and livability. Investigating kitchen concepts and hardware shops will help you narrow down what fits your personality and lifestyle. Using an easy-to-use online kitchen planner to prepare your layout could stop you from making costly errors and bugs that are irreversible. Analyzing how should nook and cranny can be optimized cannot be overlooked when projecting. Still remember where the garbage receptacle would go, which is an aspect of kitchen architecture that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Kitchen Layout

Generally, the layout of your kitchen would be dictated by the design of the space. The L-shaped kitchen configuration is regarded as a functional choice for both small and large kitchens, with a natural work triangle formed by continuous counter space and workstations on two adjacent walls. The U-shaped kitchen is ideal for larger kitchens. This architecture, which is made up of cabinetry and fixtures along three neighboring walls, offers continuous worktop space and plenty of room. The U-shaped kitchen makes for efficient workflow and the simultaneous usage of several people. The G-shaped kitchen is ideally suited to medium to large-sized rooms. By encircling the cook on all three sides, the kitchen becomes more inviting, offers additional room, and expands storage possibilities.

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Do you now have the funds to renovate your commercial space? The location requires a makeover in order to encourage more visitors and clients to utilize your room. If you want to upgrade the whole business space, now may be the time to make significant improvements. Consider employing a remodeling firm like Kitchen Remodel Columbia. We will remodel whole industrial spaces purchased by our Columbia, Missouri customers.

Best Home Addition Services Columbia

Home Addition Columbia

Home Addition Columbia has been serving Columbia homeowners in creating a new extra room for their homes for several years, and we have the expertise to assist you in doing the same. And our home remodeling company is well-versed in every aspect of the industry. A house remodel completely changes the look of your home. We make it quick and easy to select the best project plan by including a showroom with various design options. We would be happy to assist you with any aspect of home improvement remodeling, from kitchens and bathrooms to cabinets and everything in between. You don't have to relocate to live in your dream home, and you don't have to make changes to your current space as your family grows. Our home improvements maximize your space while blending in with the rest of your property. Our dependable team of architects and engineers custom-build and customize each addition to meet the specific needs. We have residential spaces with additional offices, kitchens, wine cellars, and second and third floors, among other features. We seek the most beautiful remodel at the lowest possible cost, focusing on low-cost and long-term productive services such as cabinet refacing to achieve the same level of elegance as more expensive methods. Our professional engineers create efficient systems and are constantly on the lookout for value-added innovations that help customers save money on construction, supplies, and other costs.

Things To Consider

When clearly avoidable mistakes stymie the momentum of a good home improvement project, it can quickly turn into a taxing ordeal. Fortunately, developing a clear strategy before beginning your remodel reduces the likelihood of unexpected hiccups delaying or even stopping your schedule. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure you meet your remodeling deadline without hitting too many stumbling blocks.


If you underestimate the cost of your remodel, you will end up with a half-finished job. Before you start investing, sit down with your contractor and devise a reasonable timetable. Remember that you must consider every possible angle, ensuring that you can set aside at least 10% of your budget for unforeseen expenses. Failure to do so may result in you begging for money at the end of your renovation. Also, as the project progresses, re-evaluate the budget to make necessary adjustments before major financial issues arise.


The DIY revolution is alive and well, but that doesn't mean you can tackle any renovation on your own. Differentiating between tasks that can be completed by yourself and those that should be left to a professional is critical not only to the efficiency of your redesign but also to your willingness to stick to your budget and timetable. Hiring a professionally qualified contractor for complex remodeling projects, such as building cabinetry or laying a complex tile pattern, ensures that the end result meets your expectations.

Extensive Advantage

Home remodeling may reveal hidden problems, such as plumbing or electrical problems. Ignoring these headaches after they've been discovered is never a good idea and can lead to serious problems later on. Although these unexpected costs can deplete your budget, repairing them as soon as possible protects your home and your wallet in the long run.

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A home extension is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. It could be as simple as a lovely patio or screened-in porch. We have every expert needed to complete the project, and our team is known for completing projects ahead of schedule. Please contact us for a free quote! Our Columbia architects and builders will work with you to design and build the home of your dreams.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Columbia


Bathroom Remodel Columbia

Bathroom Renovation Columbia Services is a company of remodeling franchises that are both independently managed and run. Our geographic footprint offers our business a distinct competitive advantage, and our local franchises have one-on-one care and a dedication to supplying clients with the finest quality bathroom remodeling services. We are fully certified and authorized, and all of our work is guaranteed.

A quality bathroom remodel necessitates numerous costs and design options for light fixtures, doors, appliances, and other details, and the method may be taxing. Bathroom remodeling generates a lot of interest. The technique is often clear and easy. A well-designed bathroom may be preferred at the start and end of the day.

Our remodeling contractors can do any size project and can advise you on a simple bathroom remodel. We would be pleased to collaborate with you to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project runs smoothly.

Columbia's prestige is built on the commitment and expertise of the company's founder, employees, and construction managers. We're both collaborating to make our bathroom remodeling dreams a reality.

Choosing The Right Toilet

You should believe that a toilet is a fairly common fixture that does not necessitate much thinking. However, there are thousands of choices when it comes to selecting a toilet for your bathroom. To save you from going insane, we'll break down the factors you can consider while selecting a toilet.

First and foremost, you must determine the dimensions of your new rough-in. This is the measurement from the bathroom wall to the center of your toilet's flange bolts.

If you have a tiny bathroom or a tight budget, a circular toilet bowl might be the best option. Round toilet bowls conserve about 3 inches of room and are less expensive than elongated bowls. In a tiny toilet, this may be the difference between being able to completely open doors and drawers.

These toilets do as they're supposed to do, except with fewer water. They use a power-assisted flush or gravity. It's worthwhile to investigate this possibility. Until you purchase, equate the toilet's flushing efficiency to those of other versions in independent tests.

Choosing The Right Faucet

You will spend hours agreeing on wall fabrics, tile styles, flooring choices, and paint colors for a bathroom remodel. These bathroom components take up a lot of space, so it's essential to prepare carefully and thoroughly.

But you'll never believe the variety of faucet types available for your bathroom. This is most likely because, despite its limited size, the faucet is responsible for tying the room's design together. A statement faucet can bring a lot of personalities, while all faucet materials and designs can add appeal and elegance.

The single-hole faucet saves space and is suitable for compact bathrooms and powder rooms. The spout and mixing handles are one piece, and there is just one drilled sinkhole. The wall-mount sink is one-of-a-kind and stunning design that is plumbed into the wall behind and above the sink.

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Allow Bathroom Remodel Columbia to assist you in making your remodeling dreams a reality. Our distinct, full-service remodeling strategy is focused on servicing our clients from concept to installation.

Our consultants are dedicated to creating a design that satisfies your unique requirements while engaging regularly during the whole project, with a commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and ethical excellence. You should be certain that the job can be done in the most effective way practicable thus causing the least amount of damage to your existence.





Kitchen Remodeling Columbia


You and your family invest most of your days in your home, in the kitchen. You are entitled to a kitchen that is both stunning, efficient, as well as one that you are confident with! Your home's overall functionality, intent, and aesthetics will all benefit from a kitchen renovation. Our team at Kitchen Remodel Columbia will provide you with an instant makeover or a full renovation for your kitchen.

In the city of Columbia, our team of experts has remodeled several kitchens. We understand what is effective, practical, and appealing. The sky's the limit when it comes to kitchen renovations near me in Columbia! We have a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and layouts to choose from, allowing you to create your ideal spot.

Your kitchen remodeling project might consist of nothing more than replacing countertops and cabinets. In any case, we'll provide you with the same valuable assistance. You should also be assured that we would only use the best materials available. We're team players. We recognize that your kitchen renovation is one-of-a-kind. That's why we will ask you so many questions and pay particular attention to your responses. It guides us in creating a kitchen that you'll be proud to show off.  Let's talk about how to get the kitchen you've always needed for the perfect kitchen remodeling near me experience.

Home Addition Services Columbia


We are a detail-oriented remodeling company. We partner with you to thoroughly realize your remodeling project's concept before beginning the frameworks. Our greatest concern is your satisfaction, which is why our home remodeling contractors will supervise any part of the job. Custom home remodeling is also available through Home Remodel Columbia. Your family's needs will be evolved and changed, and it's necessary to update your house. If you need to expand on to your current home, remodel the layout to make more space, or even design your dream personalized home from the bottom up, our professional team will discuss the process step by step. Our skilled contractors create reliable designs and are constantly on the lookout for cost-cutting opportunities to save consumers money on manufacturing, materials, and other expenses. Unlike other companies, we use innovations and attempt to execute high-quality solutions in weeks rather than months.

The construction sector has faced a conceptual change due to our unwavering consumer attention and cutting-edge technologies. As we execute your project with unmatched punctuality and flexibility, we keep your desires and concerns front and foremost. We highly encourage you to access our thousands of satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their company. 

For all of your home improvement needs, give our team a call today!

Is A Kitchen Remodel A Good Investment?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the most important thing to ask oneself is, "How much should I possibly spend?"

All of us have fantasies about our ideal kitchens, but it's crucial, to be honest with yourself and your kitchen contractors about how much you can afford. That said, if you intend to sell your house soon, your remodel will be considered an investment. Budget for the remodel aspects, considering the kitchen remodel cost, will earn you the highest investment return. A minor kitchen renovation will result in a significant return on investment. A small bathroom remodels, or kitchen remodel is an excellent investment in your house.

A minor kitchen remodels can be a brilliant home improvement project. Refinishing kitchen cabinets, changing their fixtures, and doing other small changes will increase the value of your home to the point that they almost compensate for themselves. As per Remodeling magazine's latest Value vs. Latest Cost survey, small kitchen designs receive a return on investment of more than 83 percent. That ensures a home's worth rises by $83 on average for every $100 invested in renovations. That's a lot greater return than many homeowners receive from other home improvements. Replace one or two appliances with new ones that have good energy-efficiency scores, update your tile or cabinets, and re-paint your space.

There are some advantages of such new features. You'll love your kitchen better, increase the worth of your house, and maybe even demand a better price when it becomes the time to sell. Overall, renovating the kitchen is inclined to make you a satisfied homeowner.

And if you want to make an ideal kitchen remodel that will perfectly suit your taste and budget, contact Kitchen Remodel Columbia today!

Determining Your Home Renovation Budget

Certainly, if space in your house is out of control at times and creating problems, you can prioritize the project. Alternatively, if you have a deep urge to renovate a particular space, you can start there. However, if everything is in order, begin with the most common house renovations, which add the most value to your home and provide the most gratification to homeowners.

Property value: If increasing the value of your home is your main goal, focus on improvements that can bring you increased income before selling it. Renovations such as kitchen and bathroom renovation, for example, gained homeowners 6–7% greater at sale price than they invested in the projects. Kitchen Remodel also came out on top of a list of 20 renovation plans, regardless of the average kitchen remodel cost for assisting in selling a home. 

Satisfaction: If you think more about being satisfied with the outcome of your renovation project than the investment return, you might prefer projects like a kitchen or bathroom renovation, where homeowners were mostly satisfied with the result.

Seek proposals from contractors

You're already prepared to speak with a renovation contractor.  Choose Kitchen Remodel Columbia since we are one of the most reputable contractors in Missouri.  Request project proposals and milestones, then match kitchen or bathroom remodel costs.

Avoid being swayed by the lowest offer, and you would probably have to pay for a suspicious person that takes several breaks times a day and leaves the project half-finished. However, unless the contractor works out and the offer is within your budget, then get it.

Remodeling will add value to your home while still making it convenient and safer; however, it is very expensive, spending large sums of money! So, learn how to find a home contractor the legitimate way and get the job done right.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Remodeling Contractor

Collaborating with experienced kitchen remodeling companies in Columbia has many benefits over seeking to finish the job alone or depending on relatives and friends to assist with a home improvement project. Trying to compare a competent remodeler to a wedding planner is a fun opportunity to learn how important they are in the remodeling project. 
They do all of the preparations before the big event, from finding the best candidates for the role, doing all of the paperwork, and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Although you could try to handle all of the small aspects and complete the job on your own, that'd be a lot of pressure to carry on and accomplish. So, why not delegate the difficult tasks to the experts?

Source for Everything

A home remodeling contractor will provide you with all of the resources you'll need to finish your project. You instruct them what you expect to happen, and they'll handle the rest. They'll work with technicians, suppliers, and designers, among many other people. They'll even obtain the required permits and devise a plan.

They will collaborate to ensure that the remodel is finished on schedule and that you would not have to deal with any other parties in order to accomplish it. They are the primary point of communication, and if subcontractors are needed, they can handle all negotiations.


kitchen and bath near me

Our remodeling workers are punctual, considerate, and hardworking. They started and completed the project on time as promised. They were mostly on schedule and were not running behind schedule to reach work deadlines. The Missouri kitchen and bath near me was interesting to work with and still strived to make their customers happy.

Kitchen Remodel Columbia CO

You should trust Kitchen Remodel Columbia CO, and you won't be hesitant to collaborate with us.  To learn how we can improve this high-traffic area of your house, contact us for a consultation.


For all of your remodeling desires, Kitchen Remodel Columbia provides flooring, lighting, tiles, countertops, furniture, furnishings, and designs. We deliver all of these services at a competitive price with high-quality management standards and operation, whether it's a kitchen redesign, bathroom remodel, house remodel, or even home additions.

Being on schedule, adaptable, and reasonable; developing an outstanding customer partnership, communicating, being honest; and being the industry's leading renovating contractor partner.

We will provide you a complete visual overview of your options with the help of our professional remodeling contractors, designers, and up-to-date software applications. From modern to classic and all in between, we have a broad range of collections to choose from.

Our mission at Kitchen Remodel Columbia is to provide the highest quality work that results in an ideal and fully successful remodel.

Ready to find out more? Contact us for a quote!



Get in touch with Kitchen Remodel Columbia right away! . Although it might be possible to take on the job yourself, partnering with a professional remodeling contractor is likely the best option.

If you don't have to, why worry about the little stuff when it comes to the remodeling project? We enjoy assisting our clients in making their concept dreams a success at Kitchen Remodel Columbia. Give our team a call or send us an email today, and don't forget to set up an initial appointment.

Design Experience

Although you might have a general understanding of how you want your home to look during the remodel, the remodeling contractors will assist you in developing a strategy and selecting the appropriate conceptual design to make your dream happen. Your contractor, for example, has the knowledge and skills to efficiently complete major tasks such as taking down a wall or adding living space into your house.

They'll take care of the construction standards while ensuring the renovation up - to - date, and they'll be able to spot potential design complications or problems before they cost you more.

Renovations are completed faster

You'll have to find time off from work to complete the renovation on your own. And, if you have children, keeping a steady schedule while juggling your everyday obligations and the renovation project may be incredibly difficult.

Having worked on DIY projects requires a certain amount of trial - and - error, which can be expensive in various ways. Hiring a remodeling company streamlines the process and reduces the amount of time it takes to finish.


Ensure your safety

A competent remodeling contractor can work efficiently and effectively to finish the renovations. When it comes to home renovations, safety is crucial, but it's even more however when structural or electrical work is needed.

In addition to having adequate protection in case of an injury, skilled kitchen contractors near me provide years of training to prevent common renovation incidents and maintain the home clean for you and your family members.

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Now is the time to get your calculator out—this is when the fun begins! When you've already determined the renovation to pursue initially, calculate the average kitchen remodel cost, for instance, including both workforce and materials.
Keep in mind that you won't know the exact expense once you speak with the contractor in Columbia. However, researching the internet can provide you with some approximate estimates to be logical about what you can achieve within your budget.


During the construction phase, even the best-experienced contractors might experience minor problems. You don't have to think about being left to clean up the stuff on your own when they have the correct licensing requirements in effect.

However, if you conducted the work on your own and encountered a major issue, you are liable for the costs. Working for various contractors will often find it impossible to keep track of who has enough liability policies and who is responsible for any loss. So make sure you pick the best contractor in Columbia.